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FUSE-Corp: Cosablu by SPQR21 FUSE-Corp: Cosablu :iconspqr21:SPQR21 1 0 Team Rose, Pony Form by SPQR21 Team Rose, Pony Form :iconspqr21:SPQR21 6 0 Team Sonic, Pony Form by SPQR21 Team Sonic, Pony Form :iconspqr21:SPQR21 1 0 FUSE-corp: Giracario by SPQR21 FUSE-corp: Giracario :iconspqr21:SPQR21 17 23 Mane Six, Sonic crossover by SPQR21 Mane Six, Sonic crossover :iconspqr21:SPQR21 7 0 FUSE-corp: Vivadreep by SPQR21 FUSE-corp: Vivadreep :iconspqr21:SPQR21 1 0 WWI Trench Warfare by SPQR21 WWI Trench Warfare :iconspqr21:SPQR21 1 0 FUSE-Corp: Lunabtaria by SPQR21 FUSE-Corp: Lunabtaria :iconspqr21:SPQR21 2 1 Fakemon: Roota by SPQR21 Fakemon: Roota :iconspqr21:SPQR21 0 0 FUSE-Corp: lunabswa by SPQR21 FUSE-Corp: lunabswa :iconspqr21:SPQR21 4 1 FUSE-Corp: Mr.Hauntuff by SPQR21 FUSE-Corp: Mr.Hauntuff :iconspqr21:SPQR21 5 4 FUSE-Corp: Sanningio by SPQR21 FUSE-Corp: Sanningio :iconspqr21:SPQR21 1 0 Angelica Tohme FUSE-Corp ID card by SPQR21 Angelica Tohme FUSE-Corp ID card :iconspqr21:SPQR21 0 0 Chaombra, the Chaos Control PKMN by SPQR21 Chaombra, the Chaos Control PKMN :iconspqr21:SPQR21 0 0 My Little Mobians by SPQR21 My Little Mobians :iconspqr21:SPQR21 2 3 Poke-man no.1 by SPQR21 Poke-man no.1 :iconspqr21:SPQR21 0 0


Mane Six, Sonic crossover
Made with DeviantArt muro
Ta da! a new and improved version of My Little Mobians I made a long time ago.

In the world of My little Mobians, there are also three tribes. there are: Sky-flyers, Mages and Earth-walkers. Sky-flyers are any mobian that can fly, like bats, birds or flying foxes (like Tails). Mages are mobians that can do magic; their ability to use magic is shown in a young age; any mobian that cannot fly can be a mage, if they have the magical talent. Earth-walkers are mobians that prefer to keep their feet on the ground, they can't fly or have magic, but they have tremendous strength and like to be outside.
Fluttershy is pretty cute was a sparrow but is now a Pegasus and a Sky-flyer.
Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote is a bat and a Sky-flyer.
Applejack (huuuhh) 
is an echidna and an Earth-walker..
Pinkie pie (derping) plz is a fox and an Earth-walker

Rarity (Getting Crazy) mlp season 6 is a cat and a Mage.
Twilight Sparkle (I'M PANCAKE) plz is a hedgehog and used to be a Mage but is now a princess.
Spike (i love you maybe) plz  is a dragon. (duh)

these forms of the Mane Six are mine!!

also I am Shipping them with sonic characters. You have been warned.

Edit: I fixed twilight's colors, fluttershy's tail, and added the name things.
FUSE-Corp: Lunabtaria
Made with DeviantArt muro

Lunabtaria (Absol, Lunala, Swablu)

Type: Dark, Flying, Psychic

Classification: the Dream Walker FUSEmon

Ability: Dream Walk
    All sleeping allies in the field gain HP every turn, foes lose HP.

Signature Move: Holy Lullaby
Type: Psychic
Category: Status
Power: -
Accuracy: 60
PP: 8 (max: 12)
"user sings a sweet lullaby that puts the target into a gentle sleep that none can resist"
    Note: even Pokemon with abilities that prevent sleep or have Sound Proof will fall asleep.

Signature Move: Moonlit beam
type:  PSYCHIC ,or Dark  , or Flying
Category: special
Power: 200
Accuracy: --
PP: 3 (max: 5)
"User calls in a holy beam of pure moonlight and fires it at the target. It changes type depending on the target. It always hits. " 

    "This has been the most exciting thing that has ever happened in my LIFE!!!! (okay okay, calm down. Take deep breaths.) I was studying/ battle testing with Cosablu when she started to glow and shake. SHE EVOLVED!!!! I was in absolute delight! Now she is even more magnificent and stunning than ever before! Take in the glory and beauty of Lunabtaria!

    "Her hair and tail have become a nebulae like mist, that drifts around and glitters like the night sky. Her wings take on the colors of clouds in a sunset. her necklace has changed into more of a chest plate that glitters like an abalone shell. There is too much to describe with too little amount of words to use.

    "Her personality has also changed dramatically. She has an authoritative energy and has lost her quirky and bubbly attitude and has replaced it with a strong assertiveness. Still as caring and friendly as she used to be but now as more of a motherly figure. Interestingly, she has lost all interest in Sanningio and only treats him as a peer, while Sanningio can't take his eyes off her. He now follows her around like a puppy and obeys her every whim. Quite interesting since he's the most uncontrollable Pokemon/FUSEmon I've ever owned.

    "In battle she now was become a healer and a status assassin, she is caring to her allies and is a nightmare to her foes. Her ability, Dream walker now does damage to sleeping enemies but still heals her allies. Holy Lullaby is still available to her use, but with Moonlit beam, she utterly demolishes her enemies. It can change types and is almost always super effective, and never 'not very effective'!"

    "Honestly, she has become one of the most fabulous Fusemon I have ever met!!"


It's done!!! I think I've fainted.   It came out better than I expected.

remember this is a FUSEmon based off of Princess Luna, so guess what will later happen

HINT:Chibi Nightmare Moon Icon 

Princess Luna is owned by Hasbro and Pokemon is owned by Nintendo

EDIT: I cropped the image to get a better image

DOUBLE EDIT: I changed some of the wording to match with the new Cosablu FUSEmon.
FUSE-Corp: Cosablu
Drawn by hand
Colored with DeviantArt muro
Cosablu (Absol, Cosmog, Swablu)

Type: Dark, Flying, Psychic

Classification: the Moon Glow FUSEmon

Ability: Sweet Dreams
    All sleeping Pokemon in the field gain HP every turn (Like Bad Dreams but heals)

Signature Move: Holy Lullaby
Category: Status
Type: Psychic
Power: -
Accuracy: 60
PP: 8 (max: 15)
"user sings a sweet lullaby that puts the target into a gentle sleep that none can resist"
    Note: even Pokemon with abilities that prevent sleep or have Sound Proof will fall asleep.

*disclaimer: this is a redo of Lunabswa, I have changed a lot, but the outcome is still the same.
her evolution is here.*

   "I had promised myself I wouldn't make a FUSEmon while on the business trip to the Alola region, but I could not help it!! I met the cutest little blob of mist the locals called Cosmog, and the also told me of the deity that represented the moon. My creative scientific instincts took over and and extracted some DNA from the Cosmog (without harming it mind you, it giggled like it was being tickled) and started figuring out which other DNA would go best with this one. When I came back to my lab I immediately started up the fusion chamber, and this little cutie it the result! Cosablu!

    "it's body is just like Absol, with fluffy mist coming out of it's fur. Her wings (Yes I have deduced that Cosablu is a female) are just like Swablu's wings with the nebula properties like Cosmog. A gold horn on her head, gold claws and leg horn/band/thingies shine and add more light to her body. Her eyes area soft butterscotch yellow that glow in the night (In fact all of Cosablu glows in the dark faintly now that I think about it). she has rosy 
cheeks(actually they are blue, so blueberry cheeks) that make the bright smile look even wider and friendlier. 

    "Cosablu love running around and exploring everything, her curiosity knows no bounds. her abundant energy is wearing me out but she is still a joy to be with. She humms a cute little tune to herself when battling or exploring; if you listen to it, it will make you drowsy. she also has a fascination with Saningio; she follows him everywhere, even though he can run faster than sound she always finds him and won't leave him alone. She seems to have a kind of crush on him, How adorable!

    "Her energy in battle makes it hard to hit her with a move. She bounces from place to place and zapping her opponents and giggling with mirth. She loves to help her teammates, and her ability, Sweet Dreams, and her signature move, Holy Lullaby, add to a real help to her allies. But Sweet dreams also heals her opponents, but she doesn't care, she just likes to battle for fun. 

    "Cosablu is certainly the most enjoyable FUSEmon I have ever met. She is a joy and a light in this lab."

yipee! :happybounce: it's done!

Lunabswa was an Idea I made before I learned that Cosmog evolved into Lunala. I made a new version that hold true to that evolution. Aint she cute!!!

she is still based off of princess Luna. Princess Luna is owned by Hasbro. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo.


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If you have no Idea what I am talking about, then: "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your family, dishonor on your cow!!!"Mushu 

I mean, if you have Netflix or Youtube or have a Barnes-&-Noble near you, FIND ONE PUNCH MAN!!!!!!!!!!
Basically, it's about a man who has the power to kill any monster with just one punch. Sounds boring but you might be surprised at how entertaining these stories are. The main character (his name is Saitama) looks like thisOne Punch Man - Saitama  (Happy)  V1 he has a cyborg apprentice named GenosGenos |One Punch Man| 
Just watch the show, or read the manga, or both. 

Spqr21 is out! 


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