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This journal entry was shamelessly stolen. I will tag a person soon. Meow :3  
Stolen from @Fario-P
  • Bulbasaur: What is the first Pokémon game you ever owned?
    Pokemon Black
  • Charmander: Who was your first Pokemon?
    Snivy, Snivy Sprite one of my favorites
  • Squirtle: Which Pokémon do you think is the coolest?
    hmm... they will get mentioned in my favorite pkmn list. I know it's comming.
  • Caterpie: What is the first Pokémon you ever caught?
    patrat I think... that was a long time ago
  • Butterfree: What moment in the anime do you consider the saddest?
    In Lucario and the Mystery of Mew when Lucario sacrificed himself. there was a whole lot of sad in that movie.
  • Pikachu: Who is your favorite Pokémon?
    So many to choose. TOO many! Darkri, Mewtwo, Zoroark, Serperior, Charizard. the list goes on...
  • Raichu: Who is better, Pikachu, Pichu, or Raichu?
    Pikachu. it's to dadgum cutePikachu Glomp 
  • Ninetales: Which Pokémon do you think is the most beautiful?
    Shiny Zoroark and alolan Ninetales
  • Zubat: Which Pokémon do you find the most annoying?
    Durant. going through victory road and trying to get to the top with out wasting your potions. I hate them. 
  • Meowth: Which evil organization is your favorite?
    Team Plasma!! Notice me my king...
  • Slowpoke: Which Pokémon do you think is the dumbest?
    Kingler, so dumb!!!  I always forget it exists!!
  • Eevee: What Eeveelution is your favourite?
    I like Sylveon and Jolteon
  • Vaporeon: Who is your favorite first generation Pokémon?
    MewtwoYou Made Mewtwo Cry Emote 
  • Jolteon: Who is your favorite second generation Pokémon?
    Umbreon...? there aren't many I like, or have ever owned
  • Flareon: Who is your favorite third generation Pokémon?
    Shiftry, Mawile, Absol, Mettagross and Blaziken
  • Espeon: Who is your favorite fourth generation Pokémon?
    Lucario and Darkri
  • Umbreon: Who is your favorite fifth generation Pokémon?
    Zoroark, Carracosta and Serperior

    and since generation six and seven aren't here...
    Six: Goodra
    Seven: Mimikyu
  • Leafeon: What Eeveelution is your least favorite?
    umm... my Ubreon wasn't the best, but that was 'cause he had horrible stats.
  • Glaceon: What Eeveelution type would you like to see in the future?
    a ghost or poison type. the ghost one's name could be: Skeleteon, Mummeon, Bansheon and Specteon. The poison type's names could be: Radeon, Acideon, Toxeon and Smogeon
  • Mewtwo: Who is your most powerful Pokémon?
     Mettagross, and my Shiftry
  • Mew: Who is your favorite legendary Pokémon?
    Mewtwo and Darkri.
  • Chikorita: Which is your favorite region?
    Unova, my first Pokemon game took place here.
  • Cyndaquil: Which is your least favorite region?
    Kanto. The games for it had no story.
  • Totodile: Who is your favorite starter Pokémon?
     Snivy and Charmander.Charmander, Happy 
  • Noctowl: What was your first shiny Pokémon?
    I can still remember how it happened. Pokemon Black ,Driftveil Drawbridge. I was biking around to get health feathers when it sucked me into a battle. "I might as well smite this thing," was what I thought. Then it sparkled and my brain short circuited. I then called my sister to come down here and I amazingly caught it!! A shiny female Ducklett I named "Shiny", and obviously I regret that name now.Ducklett (this image is from Pokemondatabase)
  • Togetic: What Pokémon makes you the most happy?
     Goomy. Petting it on Pokemon amie/refresh
  • Mareep: What is your favorite base form Pokémon?
    I like Goomy, Riolu, Zorua, and both Vulpix's
  • Flaaffy: What is your favourite first evolution?
    Combusken, Nuzleaf, and Torracat.
  • Ampharos: What is your favourite second evolution?
    too many. Hurt 
  • Wooper: What do you like more, battles or contests?
    battles. I only started doing contests in pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Smeargle: Have you ever drawn any Pokemon fan art?
  • Raikou: Who is your favorite character in the anime?
  • Entei: What is your dream team?
    they each involve shiny pokemon..
  • Suicune: Who is your least favorite character in the anime?
    Misty, she was so annoying and whiny.
  • Celebi: If you could change anything in the anime, what would it be?
    Make ash at least thirteen. Then he can have a little romance. At eleven is too weird.
  • Treecko: Which female accomplice of Ash's do you like the least?
    Misty. Refer to Suicune.
  • Torchic: Which female accomplice of Ash's do you like the most?
    Serena!!!Serena Being Adorable Pokemon XYZSerena Embarrassed Blush Pokemon XYZ 
  • Mudkip: Which male accomplice of Ash's do you like the most?
    I liked ClemontClemont (delighted)  and N, even though N didn't stay long.
  • Gardevoir: What Pokemon gives you the most feelings?
    ... this is a hard question to interpret. I think Goomy in Pokemon amie is adorablepokemon gif Goomy  and mimikyu is also quite cute.Pokemon - Mimikyu Jumping Happily With Hearts 
  • Azurill: What is your favorite baby Pokémon?
    RioluHiccuping Riolu Pichupokemon gif Pichu
  • Delcatty: Do you prefer contests or musicals?
    In musicals, all you do is dress up Pokemon and have them "use" items. Contests are like mini games. Contests are better.
  • Minun: Which electric rodent is your favorite?
    Alolan Raichu#26' Alolan Raichu  and Dedenne702 Dedenne 
  • Kecleon: Which shiny Pokemon is your favorite?
    Zoroark, Dedenne, Goomy, Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales
  • Luvdisc: Do you ship anything?
    Ash and Serena. Pokemon wise, I ship Pokemon from my own teams.
  • Latias: What Pokemon do you wish you could have in real life?
    Mewtwo. I want to be his buddy.
  • Latios: What Pokémon do you use in any of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games?
    I'm Eevee in Explorers of the Sky, I used to be a Charmander. My partner both times is Riolu. My favorite team mate is Mawile.
  • Kyogre: Who is your favorite Pokémon of each type?
    I actually made a list last week from when this would be published.
    NORMAL: Kangaskhan#115 Kangaskhan 
    GRASS: Shiftry #275 Shiftry  
    FIRE: Blaziken/Charizard Blaziken Charizard 
    WATER: Lapras#131 Lapras 
    FIGHTING: Lucario#448 Lucario 
    GROUND: Mudsdale#750 Mudsdale 
    ROCK: Carracosta#565 Carracosta 
    BUG: Scolipede#545 Scolipede 
    FLYING: Mandibuzz#630 Mandibuzz 
    POISON: SalazzleSalazzle sprite 
    PSYCHIC: Metagross#376 Metagross 
    ICE: Alolan Ninetltales#38' Alolan Ninetales 
    ELECTRIC: JolteonJolteon 
    DRAGON: Haxorus#612 Haxorus 
    DARK: Zoroark571 Zoroark 
    STEEL: Bisharp#625 Bisharp 
    FAIRY: MimikyuMimikyu 
  • Groudon: Who is your least favorite Pokémon of each type?
    I did not make a list for this one. Here it goes. (plz don't hate me)
PS: this is also a list of pokemon I forget exist.
    NORMAL: Dunsparse, Lickitung
    GRASS: Hoppip and evolutions.
    WATER: Krabby and Kingler
    FIRE: Heatmor
    FIGHTING: Emboar; I just don't think it works for my usual pkmn teams.
    GROUND: Dugdrio, Alolan or classic
    ROCK: Mega Areodactyl; he has a rock beard!!!
    BUG: Beautifly; pokedex for X and Y says it drains the life fluids from its prey. LOOK IT UP!!
    FLYING: Tornadus, Thunderus, and Landorus. ... :|
    POISON: most Grass/Poison andBug/Poison types. It's been done too much 
    PSYCHIC: Gothita and evolutions. I just can't take them seriously.
    ICE: Jynx. even if it has the same name as my cat, It looks NOTHING LIKE AN ICE TYPE!!!!! >:o
    ELECTRIC: Voltorb and Electrode 
    DRAGON: Salamence. x4 ice type  and hype. Need I say more.
    DARK: Skuntank. Pokemon explorers of the sky. I hate his guts.
    STEEL: Durant. Go back up to Zubat.
    Fairy: Mr. Mime. I don't think it makes a good fairy type pkmn. It's a clown for petes sake!!!
  • Rayquaza: What is your favorite weather condition?
    Hail. It's pretty, and only Ice types take damage.
  • Turtwig: Which Pokémon game is your favorite?
    Pokemon black.
  • Chimchar: Which Pokémon game is your least favorite?
    fire red. 
  • Piplup: Is there any games that you hope they will create a sequel to, or remake?
     pokemon yellow remake. and Diamond and Pearl.
  • Pachirisu: What is your favorite thing about Pokémon?
    The story and characters.
  • Honchkrow: Is there any extra evolutions or baby Pokémon that have been added that you have found unnecessary?
    Not at the moment.
  • Lucario: What Pokémon movie is your favorite?
    I haven't seen many but I've read the mangas for them. but I do love the Rise of Darkrai movie/manga.
  • Uxie: What is something you wish would be added to the games?
I want the VS searcher back. so helpful in leveling up!
  • Mesprit: What is something you miss that used to be in the games?
VS searcher
  • Azelf: What side-game is your favourite?
Ultra beasts, and the one with Essentia. Agent looker is awesome!!Mr. Looker -- affronted expression 
  • Giratina: What makes you the most angry in Pokémon?
Durant, accidentaly turning off the game before saving.
  • Darkrai: Have you ever dreamed of Pokémon? What was it about?
 yeah, there are too many of my dreams to tell about
  • Shaymin: What is your happiest Pokémon memory?
catching shiny Ducklett
  • Arceus: What Poké-religion do you consider yourself part of (eg. Mewist, Arceusian, Bellsprout monk, etc)?
... um... oh look another question!!
  • Victini: What battle will you never forget, either in game or in the anime (or both)?
hmmm, I don't know. I love battling N...
  • Snivy: Which are your top ten Pokémon?
charizard, blaziken, lucario, alolan ninetales, mudsdale, mettagross, zoroark, carracosta, mimikyu, lapras
  • Tepig: Which are your bottom ten Pokémon?
all the least favorite type pokemon
  • Oshawott: What Pokémon do you consider to be the least attractive?
gawrsh, there are so many,  
  • Whimsicott: Do you own any Pokémon plushies? If so, which ones?
I made a Goomy for myself. 
  • Zoroark: Would you be a Pokémon trainer, breeder, coordinator, etc? What would you look like?
  I would be a Pokemon ranger of scientist.
pokemon ranger, long hair tied behind me, big boots and strong gloves, belt with large pockets to hold the helpful equipment.
pokemon, scientist, short hair, awesome lab coat, devon scope so I can see hidden stuff, plenty of pokeballs, an notebook and pen to take notes, and a pokemon translation device.
  • Chandelure: What Pokémon do you find the creepiest?
almost all the ghost types.
  • Stunfisk: What Pokémon is your least favourite?
durant, and dunsparce.
  • Mienshao: How do you approach Pokémon battles? Offensive? Defensive? Status conditions?
ussually offensive. I'm trying to learn.
  • Volcarona: Which champion is your favorite?
me!!! pokemon sun and moon. but I also like alder.
  • Meloetta: What is your favorite Pokémon song from the anime/movies?
pokemon black and white theme song, season one.
  • Genesect: Is there any Pokemon you would want to eliminate from the Pokédex, or anything you would want to change in the Pokédex?
I would bring back the size comparison, so you can really see how big pokemon are compared to the trainer. 
phew! that took a while. 

I tag sulferbunny!


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